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17-year-old Jordan Middleton was shot dead after he was mistaken as an intruder in a Georgian man’s home.

According to the Columbia County Sheriffs Office, Derrick Fulton was home when his 14-year-old snuck Middleton into their house.

According to reports, he heard a noise downstairs, grabbed his handgun and went to investigate the commotion. The family dog’s barking led Fulton to their guest bedroom. Fulton allegedly told Middleton he was armed, but did not get a response.

When Middleton attempted to flee, Fulton opened fire. When police arrived on the scene, they found Middleton dead in the foyer. No charges have been filed yet.

The case calls into question, again, the legitimacy of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws. The law, which says that someone can use deadly force if they feel their life is at risk, has been Georgia law since 2006. Despite the legislation in place, self defense still remains a legal grey area.



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