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Your favorite fake Black woman Rachel Dolezal recently told The Guardian that she is currently on food stamps and is on the verge of homelessness without a job. She also claims that she is struggling to take care of her children.

In a recent interview, she said that despite her book deal and upcoming memoir, In Full Color, she is still living in a current state of poverty. And despite her issues, she is “not going to stoop and apologize and grovel” for the events that led up her national controversy two years ago:

“Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps. A friend helped her pay this month’s rent; next month she expects to be homeless. She has applied for more than 100 jobs, but no one will hire her, not even to stack supermarket shelves. She applied for a position at the university where she used to teach, and says she was interviewed by former colleagues who pretended to have no recollection of having met her. The only work she has been offered is reality TV, and porn. She has changed her name on all her legal documents, but is still recognized wherever she goes. People point at her and laugh.”

The former Spokane, Washington, Branch President of the NAACP and African-American Studies professor also stressed that she doesn’t see anything wrong about being untruthful about being Black.

 “No, I don’t. I don’t think you can do something wrong with your identity if you’re living in your authenticity and I am. If I thought it was wrong, I would admit it,” she insisted.

Dolezal also admitted that she tried to sell her book to three dozen publishers, who all rejected her before she was given a deal. She hopes that In Full Color will be a catalyst for a much-needed conversation about race in America.

“[I wrote it] to set the record straight. But also to open up this dialogue about race and identity, and to just encourage people to be exactly who they are.”

OK girl. Good luck with that.


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