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New year, same drama.

Phaedra and Kandi’s frenemy-ship is in shambles. That is the main theme of tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but we’ll get there in a minute. Let’s start from the beginning.

Cynthia will be 50 soon, and she seriously needs to share her beauty secrets because she looks uuuhmazing! I digress. Anyway, she invites the gang to her doctor’s appointment to get her 10-year-old breast implants checked up. The whole crew comes through—all 5,000 of them were up in the examination room—but before Phaedra got there, Kandi fills Cynthia, Kandi, and Porsha in on the chat she had with Phae Phae that didn’t go so well. Unsurprisingly, Phaedra shows up and keeps it cute and cordial so there’s no obvious tension, but y’all know Phaedra is good at doing that fake Southern Belle, polite society stuff.


Cynthia’s boobs are fine, btw.

Fast forward to Porsha, her friend, Shamea, and Sheree meeting up for a yoni egg class. Sheree did what she does best, excel at being messy. She spills some tea to Porsha and Shamea about Kandi going around town and telling everyone about Phaedra messing around with the mysterious Chocolate. Word (still) is, Phaedra was cheating on Apollo. Phaedra neither confirms nor denies this. If you notice, Phaedra never really answers questions directly about this, but Apollo once even said that he had proof this was going on and pulled out some text messages. Anyway, Porsha feels some type of way on behalf of Phaedra because in her book, Kandi has been going around telling lies, not just about Phaedra, but about her too, so it’s time for Kandi to stop running off at the mouth.

But can we talk about Sheree always being the bearer of drama though?


Later on, Porsha and Sheree meet up with Phaedra to deliver the tea about what Kandi has been saying about her. Phaedra dishes some information that she had been holding on to, which is that Kandi has been sleeping with Shamea and her husband.


So of course, Porsha and Sheree eventually meet up with Kandi to discuss her loose lips. Porsha keeps telling Kandi that she’s wrong for spreading Shaedra’s business since they were once good friends. Kandi said that she no longer gives any effs Phaedra has been spreading lies about her and hitting below the belt by telling people not to work with Kandi and Todd. Basically, Kandi says that when Phaedra is done being a backstabber who throws rocks and hides her hands then she’ll stop too. Porsha claims that she hasn’t seen this side of Phaedra, but Kandi states the obvious about Porsha’s intelligence, so, yeah…


Meanwhile, Sheree is just sitting there, extra quiet, watching tea. You know how she does! Kandi reminds Porsha that she’s in on this Chocolate business too, but their conversation just isn’t productive. Kandi decides to excuse herself, but Sheree and Porsha keep it going. They talk about how ridiculous Kandi is and then lowkey insinuate that Kandi is a closet lesbian. You know they’re going to run back to Phaedra with more gossip because messy chicks can’t do nothing but be messy.

See you next week!


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