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Who has hundreds of dollars to spend on hair every few months?

As a budget-friendly and hard-working woman with a self-proclaimed love for all things wigs and weaves, it’s important I use my money wisely while tending to my appearance. This also includes monitoring my addiction to Sephora.

I’ve experimented with tons of hair brands, throughout the many years I’ve been shamelessly sewing in my tracks, from the most expensive to the cheapest shops that left me with a matted nest on my head. I’ve found a sweet spot somewhere in the middle with GlossyFinds.

Run by a Black women, the lifestyle site that features product reviews on everything from hair to nails and skincare, also sells hair extensions. And I must say, I’m impressed.

Not only do they sell a quality product, they’re inexpensive (but not dirt cheap, you wouldn’t want that hair anyway).

Because I know the struggle all too well, I’ve signed on to be their hair ambassador, which means I can offer you an EXCLUSIVE discount.

Check out my review above, then place your order. Use my name SHAMIKA at checkout and receive an additional $10 off plus free shipping on any purchase of $200 or more when you click here. There’s a 40 percent off sale going on right now. Can we say Christmas present?!


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