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A Detroit woman is proving that real life is scarier than anything fictional.

As the rest of the nation puts out pumpkins and paper skeletons for Halloween, Larethia Haddon is using newspaper headlines and national tragedies to bring in the holiday.

Haddon is decorating this year with dead bodies wearing hoodies, which are arranged to look as if they have been shot and killed by police. While it is definitely unconventional, she says, “The kids aren’t afraid of the boogeyman anymore. They say, ‘Grandma, we’re scared to go outside and play.’”

From The Root :

A Detroit woman is getting a lot of attention for her controversial, conversation-inducing, Halloween decorations, WJBK reports. The decorations depict the victims of police shootings, neighborhood violence and even the Flint, Mich., water crisis. According to the news station, it isn’t the first time the homeowners have shied away from the Halloween tradition of showing the creepy and instead have showed reality, depicting a dead body on their doorstep just last year.

“A lady was standing out here yesterday looking at the scene, and she was just crying, just breaking down in tears,” Haddon added. “So I came out and I just held her.” Haddon only puts the display out during the day and, according to the news station, it definitely is a conversation starter. “It’s definitely thought-provoking,” Kevin Mays, who came to see the display, told the news station. “It’s addressing a whole lot of issues that are going on right now.

Haddon is not likely to rethink her decorating approach.“If we don’t open our eyes and see what’s going on, it’s just going to keep on happening,” she told reporters. Instead, she has taken it a step further, inviting anyone who stops by her house to see her decorations to also join her in prayer at her church in Detroit.

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