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Our favorite woke actor and activist Jesse Williams continues to show us why he is bae.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, who was a teacher before breaking into Hollywood, recently announced he will help fund scholarships for future and current college students.

According to The Grio, Williams has teamed up with scholarship app Scholly in efforts to match resources to students in need.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the 35-year-old said he’s seen firsthand what happens when students cannot afford to stay in or attend college.

I had countless students forced watch (sic) their own potential fade into memory simply because they weren’t born into the resources necessary to absorb a higher education,” Williams said.

There is no substitute for equal access — there is no substitute for a quality education,” he added.

If you didn’t know, the Scholly app allows students to keep track of the scholarships they apply for and the ones they’ve been awarded. Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million dollars in scholarships and appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, came up with the idea, The Grio noted.

And for Williams, education is key given.

Education is fundamental to our failure and success as a people. In both structure and content, public education is clearly in a state of disrepair. Quality education is kept out of reach for those with too much melanin and/or not enough money. Listing the problems doesn’t alter an additional truth: we are better off individually and collectively if more of us have the opportunity to pursue a higher education. Sky rocketing tuition is a dream-crushing obstacle,” he recently told Ebony about his participation in this initiative.

Scholly is a dream saving tool. People should have access and opportunity. This has much more to do with early exposure and awareness than decency in a hiring line. We’ll never get to the hiring line and certainly won’t get to the other side of that interview desk, if we’re not even aware these industries exists until a decade or two after our counterparts,” he added.

Come through, Jesse, come through.

SOURCE: The GrioEbony | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram


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