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Decisions, decisions …

Tonight’s episode of Power is all about making the right (or wrong) decisions, now more so than ever. These decisions represent various turning points in the season, so let’s get into the game.

Tommy is still messed up over Holly’s death even though it was a necessary evil, but Ghost reminded him they have more serious business to tend to — like killing Lobos.

Tasha walked in on their meeting because she was looking for Holly and she found it odd that they were all of a sudden together, given the fact they were just beefing. Tommy was about to tell her their plans about Lobos. Ghost doesn’t want to involve her, but Tommy is smart and realizes they actually need her in on this.

Later on, Tasha asked Ghost about Holly’s whereabouts and he led her to believe they broke up, and that’s when Tasha slipped about the baby. She thinks they broke up because Holly told Tommy about the baby and he tripped. Ghost left it alone.

Cut to Truth, where Ghost is back in James St. Patrick mode. Remember his bodyguards who saved his life? Apparently Ghost told them not to follow him that night but they did anyway and informed him that if something like this happens again then they’ll have to go to the authorities. There’s something odd about these dudes, obviously, but we’ll get there because it’s coming.

Speaking of club business, Jamie got Tasha pretending to be his happy wife in order to impress Karen Bassett, the client he has been trying to land, but also to act as his alibi. They spent what appeared to be a romantic weekend at Bassett’s property, but it was all a cover. The real business was killing Lobos.

This is how that went down … Tommy, Ghost, and some goons got the drop on Lobos as he was being transported to another prison. Tommy was pretending to be part of an operation to free Lobos, but he detoured because that’s when they met up with Ghost, killed the goons, and then took Lobos to another location. It was an epic move. They threw spikes in the road, military style, and when the van stopped and agents got out to investigate, a massive shoot out began. Agent Greg took two to the chest, but refused to go to the hospital. Homeboy showed up to his job and tried convince them there’s a mole in their midst.

Michael Sandoval tried to talk that down as fast as possible, but the thing is, Angela would probably be the one who takes the heat if it goes that far … or maybe not. That’s where Tasha came in. Tasha was pretending to be Ghost while living it up at the hotel. Angela sent him several text messages throughout the day and Tasha made sure to respond in her best Jamie impression. Alibi for the win!

Cut to the murder scene. Ghost and Tommy took way too long to off Lobos. As they marched him into a field, Lobos started playing mind games by taunting them. Lobos told Ghost that his rat on the inside would kill Angela.

They hesitated so long Michael called Lobos and got a trace on his location, which made them panic and eventually start arguing. Lobos eventually ran away from them, but luckily they caught up to him again and Ghost finished the deed. This is a relief for them on one hand, but hopefully they’re not silly enough to believe they’re in the clear.

Ghost got back to the hotel where Tasha confronted him with the separation papers. She was pissed, but she signed them anyway, but not before reminding him that their prenup says if he steps out then she gets half. Ghost promised her he wouldn’t leave her and the kids hanging financially, but the reason why they initially weren’t going to get divorced was so Tasha wouldn’t have to testify against him in court if it ever went down. Ghost seems to think his legal troubles are over now that Lobos is dead. For someone so smart Ghost sure is foolish.

Back at Truth, Jamie tried to fire his bodyguards since he felt like his life was no longer in jeopardy. They wanted an explanation, but James got cocky, saying he didn’t owe them one until the ringleader blurted out he knows everything about Ghost. As a matter of fact, the ringleader was never really a bodyguard in the first place. His name is Milan and he is a Serbian gangsta who has been plotting revenge against Tommy and Ghost for messing with one of his shipments some time ago. Milan, is actually quite psycho — dude eats people — and will absolutely make sure Tommy and Ghost work for him as payback. Ghost has no choice but to get back in the game. This was always inevitable.


Ghost told Tommy what happened and the tables turned swiftly.

Tommy became the one trying to talk sense into Ghost. He told Ghost how foolish he was all this time to not know anything about these dudes who were supposed to be protecting him. He also reminded him that Milan knows where Tasha and his kids live and that Milan is crazy. Again, dude is a cannibal. He also reminded Ghost that if Angela finds out he’s back in the life she’s going to be pissed. Here’s the bombshell, though: Tommy thinks Ghost should kill Angela and that this is long overdue.

Ghost went home to Angela and broke up with her. Finally, Ghost has woken up. He told her their dreams of being together and having this wonderful life aren’t going to happen. She knows there’s something he’s not telling her and presses for the truth, but he doesn’t tell her anything before walking out on her for her own safety, and then he stands at her door tormented by her crying.


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