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The Hollywood Divas are back for season three, plus Malika Haqq, and minus Elise Neal.

Since last season Lisa Wu has been “producing movies,” but currently she’s dealing with the fact that her ex-husband, Ed Hartwell, married Keisha Knight Pulliam seemingly out of the blue. Lisa was blindsided, but the extra tea is she’s the one who introduced the two. Lisa is pissed because Ed, with whom she has an 8-year-old son, didn’t tell her.

Golden Brooks and Malika are cool, and we find them getting ready for Golden’s house warming. Malika reveals that she met Countess once a long time ago and that it wasn’t on the warmest terms (apparently, Countess had an attitude).

Meanwhile, Golden didn’t invite Paula to her housewarming. In other words, this season’s beef is getting set up already. Later on, Lisa, Countess, and Luenell came through.

Malika revealed to Countess they met because her twin sister filmed an episode of The Parkers and that she didn’t leave with a good impression, but she’s willing to put it all behind her because present-day Countess is seemingly cool. The crisis averted for now, but Countess was still giving Malika the side eye for bringing it up.

In more positive news, Golden finally got a job. She was so excited to have gotten the phone call — because “this was the role that she had been waiting for” — that she broke down. She didn’t tell the rest of the group, though (and viewers don’t know what the role is at this point either). Only Malika knew because she walked in on Golden’s dramatic tears. The other thing on our minds is, where are the other guests? Seriously, what kind of housewarming has four guests?


In other news, Paula is attempting to have a rap career.


And Forrest is entertaining her. They were in the studio recording a raunchy terrible song, but then Paula spotted a photo on IG of the girls at Golden’s housewarming and felt some type of way, so she plans to go “holla” at them.

And, of course, because Malika is besties with Khloe Kardashian, we got a special cameo. Malika was lamenting to Khloe about it being weird not doing a show with her sister and wondered how Khloe did things without her siblings. Mmkay.


Their conversation was fluff, and Khloe didn’t know any of the black famous women in the cast or what the point of this show was (irony).

Meanwhile, you know how Paula and Lisa didn’t end the reunion on good terms? Welp, they met up on this episode and attempted to talk out their differences. Lisa demanded an apology from Paula for whatever trivial thing she did that we’ve long forgotten about. Paula just made excuses, as per the usual, and took no responsibility. She then brought up the fact that she was mad she wasn’t invited to Golden’s housewarming, and the conversation basically went nowhere, of course.

In the next meeting of the minds, we find Golden and Paula trying to hash out their differences. Golden low-key called Paula a crackhead, because you know she’s a passive aggressive mean girl, and insinuated it affected her brain with regard to their “White sistas” drama. Basically, their conversation definitely didn’t go well.


There’s more drama to come throughout the rest of the season. See you next week!


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