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If you’re a Drake fan then you know just how much he loves the ladies and never hesitates to show his appreciation for them, whether it be in his music or fashion choices.

Never one to shy away from proclaiming just how awesome Black women are, Drizzy rocked a T-shirt that declared what the hardest job in America is:

As reported by Clutch, old photos of Drake wearing pro-Black women T-shirts have started to make the rounds again after Jesse Williams’ powerful BET Awards speech showed so much love to the Black community.

Their report states:

Photos of Drake rocking a pro-black women slogan t-shirts have conveniently resurfaced on the Internet as discussions reignite after Jesse Williams’ BET Awards speech, about what role black men should be playing when it comes to advocating for black women.

The shirt in the first photo reads, “The hardest job in America is being a black woman.” And in a second resurfaced photo taken in 2014, he sports a t-shirt that says, “I met God. She’s Black.”

Reception to the photos has been mostly positive, however, there are a few online skeptics who view this as the rapper’s attempt to ride Jesse’s coattail after such an empowering pro-Black speech.

Although, if you follow the 29-year-old’s history, it shouldn’t be that far-fetched to see Drizzy showing an overabundance of love for Black women.

Tell us what you think, ladies: Is Drake sincere in his pro-Black woman stance or is he merely jumping on the bandwagon?


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