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Beyoncé may be rocking a protective style while on tour, but she’s a lover of the afro! The superstar showed love to two fans in a #BlackGirlMagic type of way.

22-year-old retail analyst, Ribicca Mamuye, who also has a blog, Abyssinia, attended the concert with her friend, Hamdi Mohamed, a 26-year-old political organizer.

Seats so good they were in ‘no zoom needed’ view of Bey, the concert was then taken to another level. The superstar sauntered by, singing ‘Daddy Lessons,’ and pointed directly to Hamid. The acknowledgement didn’t stop there as she patted her hair and gave a thumbs up sign to Ribicca’s afro!

Best part about it?

Ribicca’s boyfriend caught it all on camera.

She posted the video to Instagram and stated,

“Although the group of guys around us were pissed @Hamdi_Lilah and I had our Afro’s out, the queen walked over and gave me her stamp of approval.”

Whether she’s commanding everyone to get in formation or uplifting fellow black women with acknowledgement, Beyoncé continues to exude grace and empowerment.

I dub this the year of black girl magic.