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Earlier today, we watched TMZ paparazzi approach a visibly frustrated Ciara as she walked out of court following a loss against her baby’s father Future. Not only did she have to be in the same room with her baby’s father–a man whose name she doesn’t even want to speak–the judge reportedly denied her motion for sole custody and awarded Future joint custody.

Chile, that’s too much to deal with and then have camera record your reaction to invasive questions. Because Ciara didn’t say it, we will: don’t be running up on me like that!

Here’s 8 instances you should never run up on a Black woman.

Before She’s Had Her Morning Coffee

There’s a good chance your Black female coworker contemplated faking her own death or coming to work this morning, which is why you should refrain from speaking to her before she’s had her daily hot cup of joe.

When She’s On Her Way To The Hair Salon

As Black women, we often put ourselves last, which sometimes means skipping our hair appointment to tend to the family, then looking up and realizing we need some pampering time. Yous see this scarf? Go the other way.

In line at the DMV

If you tap a Black woman on the shoulder, and she turns around and gives you this look, walk away.

When She’s Having A Conversation With Her Girls

Do yourself a favor and don’t insert yourself in a conversation between a group of Black girlfriends. If she’s talking about Tyrone, keep your opinions and comments to yourself.

When Shes Taking A Cigarette Break

If you see your Black coworker furiously walk away from her desk with a pack of Newports peeking out her hand, leave her alone.

When She Just Walked In Late To Work Because Her Kids Acted A Fool This Morning

Black women balance, home and career, with little time left to self, which means dealing with situations before and after work. Fighting to get two kids ready in the morning shouldn’t be underestimated.

When She’s Eating (Or Sneaking Food At McDonald’s Knowing Damn Well She Shouldn’t BE There)

McDonald’s french fries are a gift from God, however, we know damn well we shouldn’t be eating it and don’t want to reminded we’re cheating on our diet. Stay away.

When She’s Listening To The First Half Of ‘Lemonade’

Would you really want to run up on a Black woman when this is happening?


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