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Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t get any cooler, he outdoes himself. We just love how he and the First Lady took time out of their busy schedule to meet Kameria Harris.

Kameria garnered national attention when her grandmother, Caprina Harris, posted a video of her crying hysterically once she learned Obama is nearing the end of his second term.

Caprina suggested that her granddaughter write a letter to the President. The first grader’s heartfelt message included, “I am left handed just like you. I don’t want you to leave the White House. I want to meet you before you leave the White House.”

The little girl and the President are both left-handed and they happen to share the same August 4th birthday. But this year, Kameria got her gift several months early. She and her family just received the coveted opportunity to meet the Obamas.

The experience was shared on The White House’s Instagram page.

Impressed by her letter, the President encouraged her to continue to be a voracious reader.

We’re going to miss him so much.


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