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Bill Cosby Memorabilia To Be On Display on New Black History Museum

Bill Cosby

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When the upcoming Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture opening in the fall, they will include two items celebrating the fallen comedian Bill Cosby.

The items include ” a comic book from his pioneering TV show “I Spy” and the cover of his 1964 comedy album “I Started Out as a Child,” which will be added to an exhibition on Black television, film and entertainment, the Associated Press reported.  

A museum statement defended their decision and clarified any misgivings that this was a “Cosby exhibition.

“There will be about 3,000 items on view throughout the museum. “The museum explores a diverse and complex history that reflects how all Americans are shaped by the African American experience,” the museum stressed. However, there are no plans to acknowledge the sexual assault allegations against the comedian in any text assigned to the pieces, a Smithsonian spokeswoman said.

Those sexual assault allegations include more than 70 women coming forward accusing Cosby of either drugging and rape or inappropriate sexual behavior. Lawyer to Janice Dickinson, former supermodel and current accuser, called the exhibition “appalling” and says that the museum should acknowledge the rape accusations. (The Associated Press)

Did The GOP Try To Get HBO To Make Them Look Better in Kerry Washington’s Confirmation?

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 10, 2014 - Emmy award contender Kerry Washington of TV series 'Scandal' photo

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With HBO’s Anita Hill drama Confirmation debuting next month, reports are coming down that other members of Congress, mostly Republicans, were trying to get the network to depict their behavior during those sexual harassment hearings much better, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Just to refresh your memory, the film is based on Hill’s 1991 testimony against then-SCOTUS nominee Clarence Thomas. Hill accused him of sexually harassing her in the workplace (i.e. “Is that a pubic hair in my coke?”). Well, many Republicans, including retired Missouri Sen. John Danforth are not happy with how they are portrayed for their um…apparent sexism. In a four-page memo Danforth wrote to the film’s producers, “Insofar as the script you sent me pertains to me, it is untrue, and it is malicious. If shown on television, it would greatly damage my reputation.”

In addition, their biggest complaint was the depiction of Angela Wright (played by Jennifer Hudson), another female employee who had been fired by Thomas who claimed she too had been harassed. In the HBO film, it’s mainly Republicans (with a little help from Biden) who prevent Wright from testifying, THR wrote. (Say it ain’t so Joe!)

“You portray Angela Wright as a corroborating witness who is bullied against testifying by ‘unethical’ tactics of Republican senators. This is not true,” Danforth wrote in his memo. He added, “It was Democrats on Anita Hill’s side who didn’t want her. That’s the irony. Republicans were waiting with baited breath, and her people knew it.” Oh this is more drama than the actual film! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Sigh…Seven Charged With Killing of Georgia Lottery Winner

Big Game Hot Despite Very Long Odds

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Georgia-native Craigory Burch Jr, 20was on top of the world when he won almost $450,000 in the state lottery last November. But those dreams ended when he was murdered in his home in January. Now, authorities say  seven people are in custody for playing a role in his killing.

Ben Hill County, Georgia sheriff’s officials announced that 28-year-old Nathaniel Baker, 27-year-old Earnest Holcombe, 24-year-old Keyana Dyous, 22-year-old Rosalyn Swain, 21-year-old Anjavell Johnson, 19-year-old Dabrentise Overstreet and a 17-year-old minor are charged with malice murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and possession of a firearm, Fox News reports.

Burch’s girlfriend,Jasmine Hendricks, told the news that Burch’s father begged the robbers to not kill his son. “Don’t do it, bro. Don’t do it in front of my kids. Please don’t do it in front of my kids and old lady. Please don’t do that, bro. Please don’t,” Hendricks recalled.

There are more involved in the murder, Sheriff Bobby McLemore said earlier this week. The investigation is currently still open as officials look for more suspects.

Fix It Jesus! Thirteen Detroit Principals Charged in Bribe and Kickback Scheme
Medium shot of African male student writing on chalkboard, Cape Town, South Africa

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File this one under the “fleecing of urban schools” news. According to NBC News, 13 current and former Detroit principals, including the a principal  featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, have been charged by the Feds in a bribe and kickback scheme. They are all accused of stealing almost $1 million.
The real victims in a case like this are the students and the families … the teachers and the educators who want to make a difference,” Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, said at a news conference. “A case like this is a real punch in the gut.”
Principle Ronald Alexander, who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February is accused of taking almost in $23,000 in kickbacks. Reports state that the scheme also included fake invoices for payments for school supplies from vendor Allstate Sales that were never received. In exchange, the principals received money, Quade said. What a mess. (NBC News)

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