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Tonight’s episode picks back up from German’s confession. This is obviously a big deal because he’s now facing 25 years in prison and refuses to give a motive because he doesn’t want to snitch on Ahsha. Ahsha and Pete went to visit him at the police station, and Ahsha planned to get him to at least stick up for himself and reveal what happened that day, but he refused to see her. Ahsha is obviously distraught behind this, but not more distraught than the man who is facing murder because of a girlfriend that ended up dumping him for a baller.

In other news, Jelena still has her sites set on buying the Devils, but she has some other business to take care of before handling that situation—that would be, confronting her abusive father. Jelena got the closure she felt she needed after finally getting the chance to read him for filth for the trauma he caused her as a child. She told her mom that she still wanted to work on their relationship despite cutting pops off, and even realized that she actually wanted to have children with Terrence, so she scheduled a physical with her OB/Gyn. Come to find out, the chances of her having biological children are slim to none. But you knew that wasn’t going to end well. Jelena can’t always win. Finally.

Sloane is finally free, and got her chance to face off with Lionel. You know they have old school Devil Girl beef over Pete. Anyway, Lionel apologized for saying she hoped Sloane fried—not because she was really remorseful, but because she has done so much damage to her reputation that no one is really messing with her like that and she’s afraid to lose the Devils. That conversation didn’t go well, and Sloane and Lionel still hate each other. Actually, a lot of people hate Lionel, but more specifically, Derek, Sloane, Pete, Jelena and Terrence have all banded together to buy the Devils with the intention of shutting the Kincaids out. Buying the Devils still won’t be an easy feat, though, because the current owners are giving them a hard time. Jelena is game for hardball, but this saga continues next week.

The episode caps at German’s trial, where he finally stated his case, seemingly lawyerless. He explains that it was an accident, and that he did what he did for love. The judge still gives him 20 years, even after his heartfelt plea, and then he got stabbed by Olivia’s husband, Chase, on his way out. No one saw that one coming.


German hasn’t died yet, but like…will he ever catch a break?

Seriously, of all the despicable characters on that show, German should be catching it the least! But anyway, we’ll pick this back up next week.


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