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I know that today’s women have so much on her plate that sometimes her hair falls by the waist side.  We all have our go-to hairstyles but I want you ladies to know that your go-to look can still be fly.  I’m here to give you some very simple tricks that will help you turn your boring hair bun into a sexy updo.  One of my top 3 hairstyles from New York Fashion Week was from the Marchesa show.  They took your average hair bun and gave it a twist…literally.

Marchesa - Runway - Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week

Source: Victor VIRGILE / Getty

I love a hairstyle that looks complicated but is easily attainable.  So grab your ponytail holder, your bobby pins, and pay attention because I’m about to show you how to recreate that fun bun.

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First gather hair in a very low ponytail. Separate the ponytail in half and then separate each half into three smaller sections.

Take the bottom two sections and loosely twist them up into the ponytail

Take the two sections above that and loosely twist them towards each other in order to create an overlapping design with the hair. Secure the pieces in their place with a few bobby pins. Then repeat with the last two sections.

Take the ends of the hair and tuck them underneath the twisted pieces and pin them down. Now all you need to do is pull a couple of thin strands of hair out of the bun and you’re done.

There you have it ladies: a remix to your regular hairstyle. This look is so easy to achieve but it definitely looks like you had some professional help. Whether you are heading out on a date or if your grabbing drinks with you girls this hair bun is sure to take your look from 0 to 100 real quick.

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