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(Ok, I’m obviously exaggerating with that headline, but after you read this, I swear you’ll think it’s pretty damn cute too.)

Not gonna lie here, Blac Rob is really growing on me. At first everyone thought Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were just trolling his family their haters with this relationship. But it seems like this could really be love. Like cupid-struck-him-in-the-heart and she’s-feeling-like-a-natural-woman-love.

Yesterday, we told you how Blac Chyna has inspired Rob to get his life on track by taking back control of his health and expanding his business. And it seems that Rob is incredibly grateful for his curvy goddess by his side — and he’s not afraid to show it.

On her Instagram and Snap Chat, she shared a stunning painting Rob gifted her, which if you look closely, features the lyrics to their (unspecified) song. According to the great detective work done at Love B. Scott, the song is The Beginning by John Legend. Hell, it could be the theme song to Sesame Street and it would still be super romantic . You did good, Rob.

He also gave her a seriously stunning bouquet of dozens of roses because, lust love.

These two are really coming for Remy and Papoose’s spot as my fave reality couple. I love a happy ending, so I’m here for all of it.


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