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The Brazillian Institute to Eradicate Slave Labor released on Friday a list of 340 companies fined by the Ministry Labor for keeping employees in slave conditions, Tele Sur TV reports.

The list, which was made public in 2003, is a transparent effort to open lines of communication between the people and corporate labor practices.

“Brazillian society depends on official and reliable information about the activities of the Ministry of Labour in monitoring and combating modern-day slave labor in Brazil,” Reporter Brasil said in a press release on Friday.

Companies have two years to pay all fines and remedy working conditions if they want to be removed from the “dirty list,” as they call it.

Punishments for not complying includes blockades from receiving government loans and sales restrictions on their products.

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The list was almost halted when the Brazillian Supreme Court ordered the labor ministry to suspend its release.

Luckily, the Ministry of Work and Labor was able to create a new list that was supported by the Brazilian Access To Information Law.

Despite their efforts, 200,000 people are still working in Brazil as modern day slaves, the International Labor Organization explains.

Hopefully more sanctions against companies who violate basic human rights will thwart this type of corporate indecency in the future.



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