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For the past two years, the producers of Grease: Live have been working towards this day. Nearly every scene from the iconic 1978 film “Grease” has been recreated across two sound stages at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, CA.

With nearly 600 extras participating in the production, Hello Beautiful had the exclusive opportunity to be a Pink Lady for the day during a behind the scenes set visit. In the midst of rehearsals, we spoke with show stars, Keke Palmer who plays the ever sophisticated Marty Maraschino, Vanessa Hudgens who portrays the no non-sense character of Rizzo and Julianne Hough who’s adorably sweet and innocent in her role as Sandy Olsen.

Despite being set in the 1950s, filmed in the 1970s and rebooted in 2016, the positive family themes in the coming of age story never changes. Check out what the ladies had to say about fulfilling the iconic shoes…and the pink varsity jackets of their predecessors.

On how they related to their characters:

Keke Palmer (KP): In the beginning with Marty I wasn’t sure if she and I were the same but Tommy [Kali, director] knew exactly what he was doing when he cast everyone. I was just like Marty when I was a teenager; a kid that always thought she was too grown.

Vanessa Hudgens (VH): I was kind of worried because I felt like I had nothing in common with Rizzo but the more that I’m walking in her shoes…if you strip away my bubbliness and my niceness, that’s Riz. I speak my truth and if I don’t like something, you’re going to be able to see it on my face so we’re very similar.

Julianne Hough (JH): I’ve always felt like Sandy. We grew up very similar. I’m from Utah and I was brought up in a very Mormon, religious and conservative home but there’s always been a bit of a sassy side to me so this is a good juxtaposition.

On the importance of the reboot:

KP: In this new fresh way, it’s still the story that you love but you have characters that are from various nationalities. I love that the producers made the effort to diversify the cast. Now my little brothers get to see “Grease” the way their world looks today.

VH: It makes me really excited that I was apart of Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” ten years ago and introduced musicals to a whole generation. The fact that we’re being able to do it again through “Grease” is a full circle moment for me.

On messages from the story, which was based in the 1950s are still relevant today:

JH: The reason why “Grease” was so important back then and even now is when you’re growing up, you’re always trying to figure out where you fit in and who your clique is. I think high school is a big part of your journey and where you discover who you are.

KP: “Grease” shows the youth in a very honest way. Where we’re not necessarily perfect but we’re coming of age naturally and clumsily. There will probably always be someone saying ‘these kids are a trip but I was just like that.” Our characters are talking about sex, love and relationships while maintaining a since innocence of purity, that’s “Grease”.

Beauties, let’s watch Grease: Live when it airs this Sunday, January 31st on FOX!


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