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Finally, we get some literal love and hip-hop again with the return of Remy Ma and Papoose. Their wedding is coming up, but there are some issues. During a cake tasting, Papoose brings up…the guest list.


Anyone who has ever experienced this knows how tense guest list planning for weddings can get, but I digress.

This is where Remy reveals that she feels some type of way about Papoose’s mother not coming to visit her in prison, and that she feels that relatives on both sides started hating her ever since she went to prison. Papoose thinks people may have acted differently toward Remy because it was hard for them to witness her go through what she did, but vows to straighten everything out before they say “I Do” again. Before the episode ended, he actually kept his word. He had Remy and his mom sit down for a chat that actually went well. Aaaaaaaaw.

Amina thinks that she and Peter have gotten closer since the abortion.


He has been a lot more present and attentive, and said that the termination felt like being punched in the gut and made him want to act right. They shared a lovey dovie moment where Amina revealed she’s back in love with Peter and that she’s happy that she got an “attentive,” “loving,” and “caring” husband out of this tragedy.


Side note, Lexxy finally realizes that Rah is probably not the best choice as a manager, especially now that Mo is working with Yandy on the solo tip and actually getting some work done. Rah appeases Lexxy later on by inviting French Montana to a studio session to listen to Lexxy’s solo record and give her advice. Lexxy performed with her track, everyone seemed impressed and in the end, French Montana agreed to lay some vocals on Lexxy’s track. I guess the budget for that is coming from Mona.

And now, back to the Peter Amina and Tara Saga…

Peter, who hasn’t spoken to Tara since she moved back to Queens, decided to pay her a visit. His goal was to tell her about Amina’s abortion, which she didn’t know about, but before he went there, Tara dropped the bomb that she’s knocked up, and almost halfway through the pregnancy. Peter is upset because he says his biggest concern is Amina and Tara feels slighted. Tara then goes on a rant about how Peter needs to own his ish. The thing is, he does though. He has long admitted that he’s messy and that the only way this will stop is if Amina and Tara are firm about cutting him off. He wants them both, that is what it is until they do better. Meanwhile, Tara and Amina keep fighting over him and blaming each other instead of looking in the mirror.


In short, Tara is a 15-year side chick. Peter should be concerned with Amina, his wife.


The episode ends with another fight. Basically, Bianca walks in on a studio session with Yandy and Mo, and you already know that Bianca and Mo have beef. So, yeah…it doesn’t go well.

Bianca questions why Yandy is working with Mo. Yandy shuts her down by telling her she’s about her business and could care less about their drama. Bianca then directs her anger back toward Mo. They didn’t physically fight, but drinks were tossed as security broke up the almost altercation.

Next week we find out how Amina reacts to Tara getting knocked up by Peter. Oooooh boy.


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