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Beyonce At Made In America 2015

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We can just feel it brewing in the air, Bey season is approaching. The Beyhive is buzzing around their queen’s low-key (but always well-planned) movements as of late and think she is working on new music.

Here’s why we think she’s secretly devising a plan to stop the world very soon.

She Made An Appearance On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

For the last few weeks, Beyonce has kept a very low profile with only the backs and sides of her head appearing in any photos other than paparazzi pics. (Refers to this picture of ‘B*tch that’s Beyonce’). But she came out of hiding to share the stage with Channing Tatum on ‘Lip Sync Battle.’ On one manicured hand, she could have done it because she loves Channing Tat-yum (who doesn’t?), but it doesn’t feel like a coincidence that she’s suddenly making TV appearances. Bey’s up to something.

She’s Performing At The Super Bowl With Coldplay

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francico 49ers

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After leaving the audience breathless and in the dark on that Superbowl, Sunday in 2013, Bey will return to the turf during an upcoming appearance with Coldplay. Sure Bey will probably grace us with her presence for no longer than it takes to perform their collaboration, “Hymn for the Weekend,” but it seems like Bey’s warming up to enter the game.

She Hasn’t Posted On Instagram In 6 Weeks

It’s been weeks since Bey posted anything on Instagram despite several significant milestones that have passed, like her mother’s birthday, her husband’s birthday and Blue Ivy’s birthday. She must be busy in the studio…no?

She Shut Down The Superdome For An Unknown Project

Beyonce was photoed shooting an unknown project at the Superdome, fueling speculation she was working on a music video of some sort. More than likely, she was filming promo for her upcoming cameo at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, but we’re hoping it’s a sign of new music to come.

She Hasn’t Updated Her Blog

Beyonce typically updates her blog with candid photos in her “My Life” category around the holidays or birthdays of her loved ones, but hasn’t  posted in the section since November 25.

It’s possible we’re reaching here, but we believe in speaking things into existence.


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