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Haute Hair: This Is How You Get Your Biggest, Fiercest Afro

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Having a fabulous afro isn’t an easy thing to achieve, but #TeamBeautiful is here to help you out, with the best teacher in the game.

Taren Guy, our fabulous natural hair guru, is giving us her tips on recreating her specialty: a giant wash and go afro.

First things first — beware not to wear your cutest top when you’re styling. Getting your gorgeous, poofy afro can get pretty messy, so a plain, old t-shirt will do just fine.

Make sure to have your hair washed and dried before you start. Then spray your hair with water to dampen it a little bit to get some movement and to make it easier to comb through your hair with your fingers.

As you comb your hair with your fingers, use the Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum (Taren’s favorite) so it penetrates the strands and makes your curls defined.

Then crunch up your curls and shake them up. Taren says that if you like to wear your hair in front of your face, style it accordingly so that it will be positioned before drying.

Then use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and dry through the different sections of your hair to reduce frizz.

Taren also says that if your hair is long like her’s, use the concentration nozzle to make it faster to dry your whole head.

Next, tease your hair out with a pick; big picks with metal teeth makes for that giant, poofy look you’re going for. If you don’t want to disrupt your curl pattern and are looking for a defined look, try picking from the root of the hair as opposed to the ends, as that will yank the curl.

That’s it—you’ve got your big, beautiful hair ready to go. See Taren walk us through the steps in the video above.

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