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Jay Leno is “woke” meaning he’s cognizant of the social injustices and racial tensions in our society.

On a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Leno was apart of a debate on whether or not former Mizzou president, Tim Wolfe needed to step down.

“Do we purge even clueless people from their job now?” asked Maher. “Is that where we are with the battle against racism?”

“I say yes,” Leno responded. “You know why? Because if you’re president of the university, you shouldn’t be clueless. When I saw the faces of those African-American young kids when they had won, they looked like Julian Bond in 1965.”

The former host of The Tonight Show attended Emerson College in the late 60s following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leno continued the conversation by sharing his collegiate experiences akin to current events.

“They [the Mizzou students] looked like all the black students that protested when I was in college that did the sit-ins that didn’t think they would get whatever it was [that they wanted]. It’s just a different version of that. I applaud them. They looked like they won something. One of those people could be a senator.”

While many Caucasian celebrities are proudly vocalizing their white privilege and obliviousness to current events (CC: Donald Trump and Matt Damon) we applaud Jay Leno for using his voice to speak up about what’s really going on in the world today.


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