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Young Marco

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Young Marco arrives to our interview riding a hover board. His smile is beaming. The 19-year-old insists I try out the popular toy. Maybe later.

He has the confidence of a 20-something. It’s all most easy to forget he went to senior prom this year.

Young Marco started out as a rapper until he found his voice when he wrote his first song, ‘In love with my closet’ at 8-years-old. After discovering his sound, Marco reached local fame with his single ‘One Night.’

The charming teen channels real life experiences into music the youth can relate to. Unlike other put-together artists, Marco is surrounded by his mother and a team dedicated to letting him he himself while maintaining his innocence. He’s just a kid.

‘I’m telling the world about myself. What I’ve been through and what people have around me been through,’ he says during our candid sit-down.

While he hasn’t personally experienced some of the tales encoded in his music. ‘I just write from different view points,’ he explains. ‘Other people go through this. Other people can relate to this.’

Having witnessed a friend go through domestic violence. Marco’s single Gone Long Gone details his experience watching a friend be mistreated and verbally abused by a lover.                                             

‘A lot of people don’t speak about domestic violence. They act like it’s not there. People listen to the youth and I feel like I should be heard.’

Growing up during a time when social media likes translate into popularity, it’s easy to get lost in the depths of Instagram or Twitter.

‘You have to know how to block certain things. If you know yourself no one can break you. If you know yourself, nobody judge you.’

He adds, ‘You have to stay prayed up. The music that I write can get you through a lot of things.’

Find ‘Gone Long Gone’ on his EP 4 ‘Our Generation.’


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