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We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again, we’re so over Raven.

In the latest #RavenRant news, The View co-host says both the student and burly juicehead officer are at fault for what occurred at Spring Valley High School on Monday.

She began her monologue this morning by saying ‘First of all, the girl was told multiple times to get off her phone…you gotta follow the rules.’

This is the same victim-blaming crap we hear when people say ‘Why was she dressed like that?’ OR ‘If he wasn’t sagging his pants, he wouldn’t have been stopped.’

When will we let go of the narrative that the only people who deserve respect are perfect people?

Raven continues her problematic commentary by saying, ‘Get off your phone. Get off of Instagram.’

Her diversion leads the conversation to a dark place where Paula Farris (co-host) suggests the issue comes from students needing to respect authority.

That’s not the point.

Yes, there are consequences to every action, but having your cell phone out or not listening to your teacher doesn’t mean you are slammed against the floor and dragged out of a room while your classmates watch.

It means you get detention.


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