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The Hater Prosecutor Is Out For Blood

Prosecutor Ford is out for blood because Lucious managed to get out of jail on bail, pending trial. However, she managed to make it so that Lucious isn’t allowed back in Empire’s offices as long as he’s out on bail, because she’s a hater. But Lucious is unbothered, you already know he knows how to make money. Plus, Jamal is holding it down.

Hakeem Is Still #TeamCookie

Hakeem and Cookie are still working together to get Lyon Dynasty poppin, but Hakeem is too busy hooking up with Valentina, the lead singer of his new girl group, to realize that it’s game time. Lucious is out of jail and they have some music to promote if they’re going to beat Empire. Later on, Hakeem goes on to visit a popular radio show, hosted by Sway, and talks slick about his dad, who calls in real quick. Lucious is demure about his anger when asked his opinion about Hakeem leaking his album, and simply says that that “Hakeem has a lot more growing up to do,” but we know Lucious isn’t going to let this slide.

Dysfunctional Dynasty

The Lyons got together for a dysfunctional family dinner with everyone in attendance. Lucious immediately starts talking greasy to his family (as usual) because he’s still pissed that they tried to oust him from Empire Records. Lucious has the audacity to tell Cookie and company that if they dismantle Lyon Dynasty then he’ll forgive everyone for their transgressions. Cookie isn’t with it and says she’s determined to build Lyon Dynasty into a new empire (no pun intended). Lucious claps back and dismisses them as his insignificant ex wife/wanna be girl, his ex son, and his ex CFO, and threatens to make them miserable if they don’t fall in line. But Cookie wasn’t about to let him win this round. Instead, Cookie out-petty’d him by dragging the entire dinner spread off the table by the tablecloth. You know she’s dramatic.

Later on, luscious tries to get Boo Boo Kitty back on his team. He want’s her to play Cookie, but she’s mad at him and says she’s not going to betray Lyon Dynasty for him…at first. But eventually he seems to have gotten in to her head, so this could go either way.

Andre Wants Back In At Empire

Andre links up with his dad, still trying to come back to the old family business. He hatches this plan for his dad to buy Apex radio so that he can be in control of most of the urban markets in the country. Despite how fantastically grimy and potentially devastating this could be to Lyon Dynasty, Lucious isn’t still isn’t impressed and tells Andre he’s still not back on the Empire team.


Remember when Lucious told Frank Gathers that he was going to sign his daughter after killing him? Welp…Lucious is definitely on this mission. Gathers’ daughter goes by the name of Betty Barz, and she’s nice with it, but she’s also extra hood and cantankerous. So, signing her isn’t going to be easy.

In related news, did you notice that the actress who plays Betty Barz looks like a cross between Fantasia Barrino and Dej Loaf? #BlackTwitter did, thus #FantasiaiLoaf was born. Do yourself a favor and go into that hashtag for some laughs.

Boo Boo Kitty Doesn’t Take The Bait…Yet

Boo Boo Kitty actually tells Cookie about the meeting with Lucious and how he tried to recruit her. Cookie wants to know why she’s giving up all this info given their history, but it’s simple. Boo Boo Kitty is also a woman scorned, so she’s being petty for the sake of hurting Lucious.

Cookie’s Petty Party

Speaking of petty, Cookie decides to take over Lucious’ welcome home party by having Hakeem storm the stage with a performance. Cookie’s gangsta move works in her favor. Sway tells her that this is going to go down in epic hip-hop battle history and put Lyon Dynasty on the map. Dre stops by Lyon Dynasty just to tell Cookie that she’s going to be a grandmother. Cookie is excited and even tells him to tell his dad in an attempt to pull at his heartstrings and hopefully get him back over at Empire. She’s too good for Dre and Lucious.

Lucious Gives No Effs

Dre takes Cookie’s advice and tells Lucious about his impending child. Lucious asks him if he’s worried about the baby’s mental health. Dre says that bipolarity doesn’t run in the family and then we cut to Lucious’ flashback of his mom in the middle of a manic episode. Obviously, Lucious is ashamed of this and decided not to share (even though, it’s a known fact that bipolarity can often run in families). After the flashback, Lucious seems happy, saying that he’s always wanted a grandson, but just when Dre starts to get a little too gassed, Lucious tells him that using the baby to try to get back at Empire ain’t happening. Wompington.

Back To #FantasiaLoaf

Lucious finds #FantasiaLoaf Betty Barz in the middle of a rap battle somewhere, most likely in Brownsville or East New York. She had the upper hand against her opponent so he decided to dish a low blow by mocking her father’s death. She pulls out a gun and lets off a few rounds, but Lucious grabs her before she can actually aim correctly. He tells her he wants to help her (but this is Lucious, so we know this is really all about his personal gain). The hater prosecutor, who has basically been stalking him the entire episode, shows up and threatens him. She says she has a key witness hidden away and they’ll never find him. Then she says that as long as the murder case is still open, she has a license to dig as much as she wants, and that she has a lot planned for his downfall. Lucious retorts, saying that she’s going to like what he has planned for her. Game on bishes!

Lucious’ Checkmate

We find Cookie and Hakeem waiting for Valentina (the girl group’s lead singer) to come through for an interview with Sway, but she’s late (because she’s a shady diva). Lucious shows up and tells them that he bought Apex. Then, Valentina shows up and reveals that she jumped ship and signed with Lucious. So…I guess Cookie’s legalities weren’t together, because that sounds like a sueable offense. Anyway, Cookie reminds Lucious that he can’t keep her down, which is true. Cookie has been to hell and back, and she always manages to overcome it. Lucious might want to watch his back.


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