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When Lee Daniel‘s first envisioned the cast of Empire, he wanted Wesley Snipes to play the character of Lucious Lyon. Changes things, doesn’t it? At the same time that role came around, Wesley was offered the lead on NBC’s The Player. Wesley chose the latter.

The iconic actor opened about about his new role in an interview with The Root.

“It’s always gratifying to know that you are appreciated for your work and have the opportunity to work with others and they want to work with you,” he said about being offered two major roes at one time. “Getting a job is good, but having a career is better.”

As for his character on The Player, he says:

“The idea that this is a guy who rose from the streets, came from the streets, came from a very diverse background, was a player and ended up rising to the highest ranks of becoming the pit boss of pit bosses. It’s intriguing to even think about how he got there, what he had to go through, what he learned and the people he encountered along the way. What we’re bringing to the show is, I’m going to be able to bring and explore some of those experiences, not only the martial arts aspects or the physical aspects, but the languages, the dialects and the disguises that Mr. Johnson would use to protect the house and make sure the game continues.”

He reflected on his classic Nino Brown character:

“How do I think Nino Brown has brought me here? Well, I don’t know if it’s just Nino. The movie, at the time, was considered a surprise success and did really well at the box office. It showcased a different side of my acting ability, and as it turned out it, became a cult classic or a cultural classic. I think that always helps. Over the years, it’s grown to appeal to people who didn’t see it when it was first released.”

Read the full interview, here.

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