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Ciara and Russell Wilson’s brand new relationship has been on the tip of many critics’ tongues since it was only a rumor. Ciara has been seen on red carpets, stages and shopping around town with her NFL boo and most recently, she’s brought her baby, Future (the son she shares with the rapper of the same name) around Russell and the snapshots that have hit the Internet is obviously outrageous to some.

But Ciara’s not about to let the world comment on how she’s living her life.

She appeared on CBS News, saying:

“It’s been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say. I feel like in a sense it’s a double standard. You know because at one point in time, when we were together, I took care of his kids as well–at a very young time in our relationship. I was involved very early in the stage of us getting to know each other…It’s kinda like, what’s the difference here? Wouldn’t you want someone to love the child? More than anything, it is a child we’re talking about. Remove the adults from the situation, this is my child here and that’s serious.

“People are going to talk about me. I’m built for this. That’s what comes with it, but when it comes to my child, that’s not something I take lightly. To speak on such a sensitive and real situation when you don’t have all the facts, that’s the frustrating part of it all. To the guys that have such an opinion, know your facts. I did reach out to my son’s father for him and Russell to speak and he didn’t want to talk to me, we didn’t get to talk so that was that. I don’t know more what they expect me to do except live my life and that’s what I’m doing.”

Well, she told y’all! There is such an unfair double standard specifically here in Ciara’s situation. She was a part of Future’s children’s lives and now that the tables have turned, Future’s offended. How Sway?! Future has three other biological children and one adopted child and Ciara involved herself in all of their lives as Future was a major part of hers. How is it a problem that she’s allowing Russell to be in baby Future’s life?

Sure, there’s unspoken timelines for every single/dating mother to introduce people they’re seeing to their children, but each case is relative. Ciara says she tried to reach out to Future to discuss baby Future meeting Russell, but he declined the invitation to talk. A major part of co-parenting is maturity and if you’re not willing to look past how you feel about your former significant other, for the betterment of your child, then your relationship will suffer.

Ciara and Russell’s relationship seems to be doing well and Ciara is very happy with him. When Gayle King asked about the celibacy they’re practicing, she said it’s been difficult. We’re sure, girl! “It’s awesome because we get to challenge ourselves and get to know each other. We love God and believe in God. It’s based of wanting to know and love each other and build a solid foundation. That part is the cherry on top,” Ciara gushed over her relationship. We’re so happy for her!

Check out the interview here:

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