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If you aren’t watching Starz’s hit show, “Survivor’s Remorse, you need to get on that ish—like yesterday!

There is a lot to love. For one, the star of the show, Basketball Superstar Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher) is fine as hell. Plus, Cam steals our hearts in the hilarious and loving moments he has with his family as he brings them along for his rise to the top.

However, as much as Cam is bae, the best character on the show by far is Cassie, Cam’s mom (Tichina Arnold). Cassie is always stealing the show with her wit, beauty and wisdom as Cam’s hardworking and doting mother. Cassie had Cam and his sister, Mary Charles (Erica Ash), at a young age and was challenged with raising them all by herself. But like the fierce queen she is, Cassie did a fabulous job bringing up her kids and now has the pleasure of kicking her feet up, watching her grown-up children make her proud each day and finally living her life for herself.

So here is our tribute to Cassie and all of her dopeness. She keeps us tuning in week after week for the five following reasons:

1. She Stands Her Ground

Cassie maintains her status and power as the matriarch of the family, despite her son’s immense success and newfound role as the breadwinner. She isn’t afraid to put her kids in check whenever they start acting up.

2. She’s A Fighter

Even though Cam is often the center of attention when there is a conflict, Cassie will boldly intervene and stand up for her children when she thinks it’s necessary. She isn’t afraid to fight dirty, either.

3. She Stays True To Herself

As Seasons 1 and 2 progress, you get to watch Cassie evolve as person because her son’s success brings her to new places. Still, she doesn’t forget about the gritty Boston streets where she came from or try to be something that she’s not. She doesn’t tame her potty mouth for anybody, either!

4. She Can Cook Her Ass Off

Cassie is famous for her killer French toast—so much so that it’s one of Cam’s favorite meals. Damn, we wish we could get a taste of that!

5. She’s Body & Sex Positive!

One of the first things you’ll notice about Cassie’s character is that she isn’t afraid to openly talk about her needs—including her sexuality! Just like Mama Tina, Cassie is still getting down and having wonderful sex as a grown woman should. She even goes to some unique measures to enhance her experience in the bedroom–making sure that it’s not just her grown kids who are having all the fun!

Don’t miss the second season premiere of “Survivor’s Remorse” on Starz Saturday, Aug 22 at 9:30 pm EST. Be sure to check the trailer for season 2 below:


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