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Elise Plays Catch up

Elise joins the rest of the crew on the Tom Joyner cruise, three days later, and Golden wastes no time about confronting her over The White Sistas situation. Elise’s side of the story is that the situation got exaggerated. She never wanted all the rights to the movie, she just felt like she deserved a bigger percentage of ownership because she was the one bringing in an investor. This was cause for Paula to break down cray’ing crying, claiming that Elise was trying to make her look like a liar and she was tired of being thrown under the bus. She then gets extra dramatic and starts exclaiming, “I can’t make you love me!” and all the other women at the table are staring at her slack jawed, because this is about getting to the bottom of business, and not melodramatic personal rants. After a while you just start tuning them out, because the way they’re handling this is petty, and they never really reach a resolution.

Meanwhile, Countess is at home taking care of her father and her kids, hanging out with her man, and thanking her lucky stars she’s not bickering with the Witches of Eastwick.

Golden Needs A Stadium Full Of Seats

Golden eventually stops by Elise’s room and tells her that she just wants to clear the air, and doesn’t want her to think that she’s trying to gang up on her with the other ladies, but then later on she turns around and gets nasty with Elise for no real good reason.

What happened with that was…

Golden set up her own workshop where fans could ask the ladies questions about the business, once again. There was no real difference between this workshop and Shar’s workshop other than the fact that all of the divas actually showed up. It was fun to see Lady of Rage, who made a guest appearance in the audience, and asked a valid question about how to fight against type casting, but then things go all the way left when a woman asks Elise if she regrets not having children. Elise, the only woman in the crew who doesn’t have children, says she doesn’t regret it because she’s traditional, and felt like she would only have children if she had a husband. Basically, the answer was about her personal choice, but Golden somehow decided to blow it out of proportion and claim that Elise was being shady not only to all the divas, but to mothers everywhere.

After the cruise, they went to Jamaica to unwind. They got to chill for a brief moment while visiting a Rastafari Indigenous Village where they enjoyed nature, did some lightweight hiking and danced to African rhythms. Even Golden managed to not be a mean girl for 5 seconds, but that was short – lived, because by the time they got to dinner, Golden started up again. Golden called out Elise claiming that she was only calling her out because she felt it was “her duty to mom’s everywhere” to take Elise to task for disrespecting them. Girl…

Anyway, Elise said that it wasn’t about disrespecting mothers who weren’t married, it was about answering the woman’s question about her personal choice. Golden then claimed that Elise just didn’t want to admit that she never had children because her relationships, particularly, an engagement she had, didn’t work out. But Elise didn’t have to mention that her relationships didn’t work out. She already said that as a traditional woman she knew she wasn’t going to have kids if she didn’t get married, and she didn’t get married so this should be the end of the story. Paula chimed in, in defense of Elise, but Golden did more reaching and said that Elise was just being shady because she felt some type of way about not having kids. In reality, it could be that Golden was being so nasty about it because she felt some type of way about not being married when she had her daughter and should therefore have a stadium full of seats.


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