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In this pivotal episode of Power, Tommy has a close call with the NYPD while Angela and Ghost turn the tables on each other.

Angela Turns Up

Tasha is still pissed with Ghost for being messy, but makes it clear that he better do everything he can to keep Angela in pocket. So when Angela shows up to James’ hotel room demanding to know where Holly is, thinking that Tommy killed her, James tries to give Angela the runaround, but when Angela makes it clear that if he doesn’t tell her something then she’s out of his life for good. James can’t have that so he tells her the truth about sending Holly away and giving her a new identity.

Angela tracks Holly down to a shady motel room in the middle of nowhere, and tries to get Holly to testify against Tommy since the break up was final (you know, trying to play off the woman scorned stereotype). However, Ghost got to Holly first. He promised her more money to make her go away for good if she told Angela that her revelation about Ghost and Jamie being the same person was a lie. Holly finally redeemed herself by complying.


Dre puts the bug in Ghost’s ear that Shawn has been dropping dimes to his father, Kanan. Ghost starts to notice his suspicious behavior, but doesn’t realize that Shawn’s behavior isn’t actually about Kanan. It’s about keeping his relationship with Tasha secret. Later on in the episode, Ghost confronts Shawn about his behavior and demands to know where Kanan has been all this time. Shawn doesn’t have an answer, and Ghost tells him he better make Kanan appear soon, or at least have an update on his whereabouts, otherwise he’ll have to find employment elsewhere.

Paranoia on Fleek

Tommy’s paranoia about Angela gets the best of him, so he decides to move all of their stash out of the Laundromat to a different hideout, but get pulled over and searched by NYPD at Greg’s request. Luckily for them, Tommy crafted a smart plan to create a diversion just in case something like this happened. The cops find nothing, for now.

Tasha is also paranoid about what Angela may know, and smart enough to know that Ghost was sloppy enough with Angela to have potentially had her in their home. Not wanting to take any risks, she hires a crew to sweep her home and their car for bugs, and nothing turns up.


Tasha’s Divorce Dreams Get Shattered

Tasha visits a divorce lawyer who tells her that because she signed a prenuptial agreement, she would most likely walk away from the marriage with nothing, and suggests she stay married to Ghost, but live a separate life. Eventually, Ghost tells Tasha that he created that prenuptial agreement to keep Tasha from having to testifying against him in court if major ish goes down. Looks like Tasha is going to have to sit this one out for now, at least until they’re in the clear.


Tommy’s Assassination Attempt

Tommy decides that Angela has got to go. Everyone agrees with this by now, of course, but it has to be in a way that is smooth. Tommy has a different idea of smooth. He wants to assassinate her, but luckily for him, he has thinking associates. Tasha manages to catch him right before he’s about to pull the trigger.

James Gets Dirt on Stern

In James’ non-drug dealer world, he forms an alliance with Stern’s soon-to-be ex wife. He gave her details about Stern’s hidden account, which will be useful in the divorce settlement, and she will help him get Truth back.

Angela Can Play The Manipulation Game Too

Ghost thinks he has Angela where he wants her, but the truth is, they’re using each other. Ghost is trying to manipulate Angela by laying pipe and pretending to be a good guy. Angela has decided to start using their steamy sex sessions as a way to snoop. After one such steamy sex session—the one that closed out the episode—Angela steals James’ phone and has an unidentified hacker friend code Ghost’s phone so that she can track his correspondences. The last message we all see is one from Angela saying, “Jamie, I love you.” Was Jamie hip to game all along? Even if he wasn’t, there’s no way that a drug dealer at his level would only have one phone. It’s obvious that this text has Angela’s hacker friend on suspicion. So, the question is, does this make Angela look shady to the feds, or will she play it off like she was pretending to love James for the sake of the investigation (which wouldn’t be ethical, but still)?

Ah, suspense…


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