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“Did you hear about this thing called the #FutureHive?” was how it all started. A late night convo with my boyfriend led me to discover he is proudly a part of the #FutureHive.

You may be asking yourself, “What the hell is a #FutureHive? And why does it remind you a lot like Beyonce’s #BeyHive?” That’s because it’s exactly what it sounds like — #FutureHive is a legion of loyal Future fans. Yes. Future has fans — lots of them. Purposely named after Bey’s buzzing bees.

If you’re stuck at square one wondering what is a Future? He and Ciara were engaged for a short while until they suddenly broke up after the birth of their son.

“So you haven’t checked out the #FutureHive hashtag?” he responded. “No,” I said. Never more excited than he was at that moment to let me scroll through his phone, he pulled up the hashtag and let my fingers explore the tags of Instagram. With more than 7,000 posts, it became clearer than day, Future is to men what  Beyoncé is to the world. And this meme was right there to prove it.

After scolding him for comparing Future to Beyoncé (let’s not get crazy), I had to ask “When did this happen?” According to BAE, who seemed happier than Brendan Jordan  at a Lady Gaga concert, Future’s following has been rising since he and Ci Ci’s breakup. What I found underneath the #FutureHive was beyond interesting and mostly hilarious.

Lebron James is a part of it:

They wrote this about Jay Z:

They even dragged Michael Jackson into it:

And then there was this really funny #FutureHive “commercial”:

Tia and Tamera weren’t off-limits:

How the hell did I miss such a movement? Oh, I know. I was busy hating Future on behalf of Ciara and womanhood. While I’m still not fond of the rapper and how he and Ci Ci’s relationship played out, I have to admit, I listen to a few of his mixtape songs. “Few” is a bit generous, more like two.

Dammit. I blame my boyfriend. Are you down with #FutureHive? Tweet me and let me know @Shamika_Sanders

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