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Season 4 of Basketball Wives LA aired last night, leaving us confused by some of the dialogue, behavior and awkward moments, ie: everything Jackie Christie does. We’re still taking it all in, but here’s some questions we have after watching episode 1.

1. No One Wears Panties Any More?

Did we not get the memo? Are panties obsolete? According to Jackie Christie and Draya Michele, panties are so last season. Basketball Wives LA newcomer Meghan James made her VH1 debut last night and announced she’s working on a panty line. Cute? Right? Not so much. Draya made sure to shut the hot-headed reality star down, admitting she only has four pair of raggedy cootie protectors. As Meghan said in her confessional, isn’t it 80 degrees at all times in LA? So one sweats?

2. No One Watched Megan On Bad Girls Club?

Upon her debut, Meghan claimed she knew no one in LA. More shockingly, no one seemed to know her. How b*tch how? Meghan appeared on Bad Girls Club (season 9), where she infamously beat up two chicks at one time. Here we were thinking all Instagram models turned reality stars stuck together…guess not. No shade, we actually love Meghan and Draya.

3. Jackie Christie Never Gave Fellatio?

Jackie Christie is obviously the most entertaining character on BBWLA. But her latest claim — she’s never given fellatio — is just too absurd for us to believe. The seasoned reality star received all side-eyes after she made the claim at Draya’s “Hollywood soiree.” The girls reacted the same way we would have.

4. Has Anyone Actually Tasted Jackie Christie’s Liquor?

Uhm. About Jackie Christie’s cognac. Has anyone from her camp actually tasted it? Is it real?

5. Who’s Gonna Want A Woman With Three Kids?

This may be the realest thing we’ve ever heard on reality TV. Malaysia Pargo was dealing with the death of her brother (by police brutality) and recent divorce from Jannero Pargo. While confiding in a close friend, Malaysia emotionally asked, “Who’s gonna want a woman with three  kids?” She isn’t the only woman to wonder such things. What say you readers? How do you answer that?

Sidebar: Malaysia is always on fleek. Does she wake up like this? Just out here serving at all times.

As dramatic as it all is, we’re here for the drama. Hey, it’s a guilty pleasure. We all have em’.


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