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Jesus fixed it.

After years of petty feuds, hurled insults and damn-near sinking to wig-snatching level, K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton have made peace.

And as a show of their newfound friendship, they’re reportedly going to be performing together at the BET Awards Sunday.

Braxton made the announcement on Entertainment Tonight Friday, saying she and K. found it within their hearts to grow the hell up and abandon the damn foolishness. Full disclosure though, she didn’t say it in those exact words. Minor details, though.

She said:

With the whole women empowerment, and everyone coming together and everyone coming from a place where we all can understand each other — I’m doing a very special performance with myself and K. Michelle. In the past, you know we’ve had a lot of disagreements just, I guess, about life in general…you know? And this is actually the first time time we’ll be meeting each other.

You may have a read a story or two (or 700) about K. Michelle famously saying Braxton looked like a muppet . This took place after Braxton reportedly dismissed K’s allegations of abuse against her former manager & ex-boyfriend, Memphitz (who appears to be a hot mess. See here for reference). Braxton cried about the diss on her show, The Real and a massive Twitter war began between the two.

Just last week, Braxton was on Twitter throwing subtle shade at K’s announcement that she was quitting music.

K. Michelle has been laying low with her comments, even as Braxton continued to throw little disses at her. But we’re glad to see they are both being grown ups and retiring from #TeamPetty. It’s about damn time.