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Like Any Other Couple?

The episode’s title was definitely given in irony, because we all know that Ghost and Angela will never be like any other couple. Unfortunately, they’re still in denial about their situation. They’re trying to keep up the charade that they can actually be together. Ghost finds out that Angela is a fed, because she tells him, and that she’s investigating the Lobos case, however, not knowing that he’s involved. Eventually, her suspicions about Tommy killing Nomar are confirmed and then she tries to get Ghost to testify against Tommy! Ain’t that some ish! This is where we’re left hanging.

Tasha Was Hasty

Tasha realized that she cut off Shawn too soon. She started trying to seduce him again, hoping to get more information out of him, but he shut that down early! Her disappointment was palpable when he told her that he looked at her more like a big sister. Wompington, indeed…because, LaKeisha’s got him now.

Kanan’s Next Big Hit

Remember 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’? Remember the then child actor, Marc John Jefferies, who played a younger version of 50 Cent’s character? He’s in Power, and of course, in a different role, but I thought I’d point that out. Here, Jefferies plays Q Dubs, a gang leader who refuses to patronize Ghost and Tommy’s drug suppliers, which pisses Kanan off. So, in a trigger-happy temper tantrum, Kanan starts shooting, resulting in he and Tommy killing Q Dubs and several members of the RSK crew.

RIP Pink Sneaker’d Assassin

It was time for the Pink Sneaker’d murderess to meet her maker. Ghost spotted her in Miami while he was on a date with Angela. He gave Angela a lame excuse about needing to go to the bathroom, and then ended up chasing the Pinker Sneakers, who was fast (but not fast enough to not get killed). Ghost, unfortunately, didn’t reach her before one of Kanan’s henchmen got to her but he got to her just before she died, and demanded to know who hired her (Kanan) as she lay bleeding. He didn’t get much info other than the fact that it wasn’t Rolla who hired her to kill him, before her soul vacated her body. Rest in Peace Sneaker’d One. You were a G.

How long do you think it’s going to take James to realize Kanan is a snake? Will James point the finger at Tommy first?

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