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Tamera Mowry-Housley is working that pregnancy!

One of our favorite twins is on the latest cover of American Baby magazine and she looks amazing! The actress/talk show host/author talked to American Baby about everything from pregnancy the second time around to baby names to losing those last 15 pounds. Ugh!

Tamera admits to being a lot more relaxed this time around and loving playdates with Tia’s son Cree.

“When I was pregnant with my son, Aden, I acted as if I were preparing for the biggest test of my life. I read everything. I didn’t want to be surprised. When you feel that way, you can start getting depressed because you think, ‘Am I the only person who is going through this?'” No, Tamera you are definitely not the only one!

“Tia’s son, Cree, and my son, Aden, are the cutest when they’re together. When the cousins see each other, that’s when Tia and I actually get a break, because the boys don’t want us — they just want to be able to play with each other.”

Awwwww. The cousins look adorable together!

She’s also not stressing about losing the baby weight:

“After Aden, I thought I’d have my flat stomach back in a month by nursing. But I didn’t! I wondered, ‘What is wrong with me?’ But my pediatrician said that there are some women who keep on 15 pounds when they are nursing, while others burn fat like crazy. I could not lose the last 15 pounds until Aden was weaned.”

Between a daily talk show and a busy two-year-old, she found the time to drop the book Twintuition: Double Vision. Does this woman ever sleep? Check out the full interview here.

WERK Tamera!


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