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I‘ve been wearing weaves since I was 15-years-old. I know good hair when I run my fingers through it and Her Import’s “My Hair” Indian Temple tresses are the crème de la crème of bundles.

Elegant and soft to the touch, Her Import’s limited edition “My Hair” are the silky type of bundles that make up your favorite starlet’s flawless weaves. It’s hand-picked from one of India’s most reverent temples, and it’s Her Imports most impressive locks. This quality hair is far above any other Brazilian hair on the market today.

Not yet convinced? The cascading waves will leave you in awe. And we haven’t even gotten to the fabulous packaging. “My Hair” comes in a blue box adorned with cursive gold lettering and a bold red emblem. It feels like royalty. The packaging has your favorite hair company’s ole’ baggies beat.

“My Hair” boasts long-lasting wear (one year) with low maintenance care, carefully crafted wefts that don’t shed (so you don’t have to worry about there being more hair on your bathroom floor than on your head). Plus it’s chemical free, which makes for easy coloring and effortless styling. Did we mention that it won’t tangle?

I put Her Imports “My Hair” Indian Temple tresses to the test, rubbing it across my face to ensure it doesn’t itch and passing it through my fingers to see how many strands hit the floor. It passed with ombre colors!

Her Import’s “My Hair” Indian Temple bundles rank high on my favorite weaves list, right above their traditional Brazilian body wave hair.

See for yourself. Check out our “Hot Hair: Unboxed Edition” featuring Her Import’s “My Hair” Indian Temple weave in the video above.

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