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Chet Haze, Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks

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Chet Hanks a.k.a. Chet Haze, you know, Tom Hanks’ son who thinks it’s cool to say the n-word, is getting called out by his former friend, Scrilla King.

Scrilla King, who has collaborated and performed with Hanks in the past, says that Hanks is being disrespectful to by constantly saying the word. Scrilla King told TMZ that he recently ended their 6-year friendship due to Hanks’ using the word.

Scrilla claims Chet’s  Black friends are uncomfortable with him using the n-word, explaining that they find it disrespectful, while Chet thinks it’s a joke.

“He wakes up thinking he can be Black today and know what we go through. He doesn’t. I wake up Black every day, he does not,” said Scrilla, adding that Chet Hanks owes the Black community a public apology.


We’ll be waiting until next Neveruary for that apology.

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