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I never thought it would come to this. But I think it’s time for Mariah Carey to hang it up.

Yes, Mariah Carey. The diva, the legend, the elusive chanteuse.

It is time. Mariah released the video for “Infinity”, the first single off of her greatest hits album “#1 to Infinity” and it is HORRIBLE.

A few weeks ago, we were happy when she kicked off her Las Vegas residency but the reviews from the show have been terrible. One of the reviewers even compared it to a car crash. This makes me sad.

But the video is even sadder. Lip-synching over a track while hanging out in her closet sipping champagne and spraying perfume (from her line of course) on yourself is old. In fact, it’s 2008, which was same year Mariah Carey actually had a number 1 hit with “Obsessed.”

Mariah Carey was my favorite singer growing up. Absolute favorite. But Mariah, this has to stop. We’ve overlooked your incessant photoshopping and lip-synched performances at awards shows for years. We’re not doing it anymore.

After this video, we won’t be mad if you decide to retire to a quiet existence with Monroe and Moroccan.

In fact, we recommend it.

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