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Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian encouraged her Instagram followers to “Pray for Baltimore” and got dragged through the Internet mud.

How? Why? What’s so wrong with urging people to pray for a city going through a crisis? Apparently, Kardashian is just as confused. The KUWTK star tweeted,

While some commenters bashed Kardashian, others came to her defense. One person wrote,

“@khloekardashian I’m sorry for peoples stupidity, during times like these you would think people of ALL races can come together because there are power in numbers. @kdollxo88 just read ur comment and YES it is absolutely wonderful that you’re sending out prayers cus again there is strength in numbers! Please don’t allow those immature lost individuals to make u feel wrong because I’m certain YOU have done more with that prayer then those criticizing you. #StayBlessed”

We’re with Kardashian on this one and we’re praying for Baltimore.


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