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People all over the country are confused and frustrated over Freddie Gray’s death, and we have a few lingering questions about the situation.

At this point, we’re hearing about another unarmed Black man dying at the hands of police for seemingly nothing every few weeks.

1. Why did police pursue him?

It’s not clear why police went after Freddie that night. We don’t know why Freddie ran, but we can all guess he was probably trying to avoid exactly what happened to him. All we know is that cops gave chase as soon as he ran away from them. Still, he had no weapon and really posed no threat to the officers, so they had no reason to pursue him.

2. Why were six cops required to arrest one man?

Six cops against one man seems over the top, to say the absolute least.

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3. Was there any other way to resolve this incident?

Video of Freddie’s incident was brutal and cops seemed to be using excessive force. Surely there had to be another way to apprehend an unarmed man and get him under control.

4. What training did the officers receive that led to this outcome?

We’ve seen in Eric Garner’s case that officers used an illegal method to restrain him, leading to his death. We have to wonder what the training the cops involved had and whether they were following procedure.

5. How was Freddie’s spine injured?

Baltimore police still won’t say how Freddie’s back got hurt. However, one witness told The Baltimore Sun that  it looked like he was folded up like Origami.


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