Adrienne Bailon Tributes Selena On “The Real”

Adrienne Bailon hasn’t performed in six years, but made her return to the stage, today, to honor her idol Selena Quintanilla-Pérez on the 20th anniversary of the legendary Tejano’s death.

Joined by Selena’s sister Suzette, the cast of “The Real” gathered for a special tribute to Selena, who was killed at age 23, by her “friend” Yolanda Saldívar.

After the emotional performance, Adrienne revealed,

“This means so much to have you [Suzette] here. I haven’t performed in six years. This was important to me because my first songs singing, growing up, were Selena’s. So for me to get back to it, singing a song like this, means so much. Thank you for giving me the honor of doing it. You and your family changed my life, so thank you.”

Where’s the Kleenex?

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