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Black Twitter is taking a moment to remind the world that the racism isn’t just a problem at the University of Oklahoma.

It’s often said that we live in a post-racial America—particularly because we have a Black president in the White House. However, as incidents in Ferguson and New York have reminded us, that’s simply not the case.

People are still very upset about a video where members of the OU chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are gleefully singing an incredibly racist song in which they chanted that a “n*gger” would never pledge their frat. A Twitter user with the handle @kidnoble used the outrage as an opportunity for racial discussion as he posed two questions on Monday.

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The responses, which were all horrifying, brought to light the fact that racism is still a reality in the United States that many people had to face at very young ages.

For some, the first run-in came a little later in life, but the experience was still very hurtful.


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