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Tia Mowry-Hardrict gave her younger self some great, much-needed advice that would be a huge help to many girls now.

Even though Tia grew up famous as she and her twin, Tamera Mowry-Housley, starred on “Sister, Sister,” she grew up facing many of the same challenges that regular girls face. Fitting in and fighting to accept yourself (even if no one else does) is a timeless struggle that transcends class.

Looking back over her life, there were just a few things that Tia wanted to tell her younger self. Since time travel has yet to be perfected, the actress had to settle for writing a letter to herself. While the encouraging note was meant specifically for her, the letter offers up lots of great advice that girls today should take to heart.

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In Tia’s open letter to herself, the actress recalls stressing over her hair and wondering if she would ever find love. And she seemed to fret about not being as popular as she had hoped, but Tia reassured herself that quality over quantity is the rule when it comes to friends.

Growing up as a young, 16 year old in the spotlight, you always worried about the little things like getting a boyfriend and had insecurities about superficial things like your big poofy hair and those darn braces. You always seemed to be worried that you didn’t have this huge group of friends. Well, I’m here to tell you to not drive yourself crazy over that stuff. Don’t stress about always being a part of the “in” crowd. Don’t be too hard on yourself or feel bad that you weren’t the most popular kitten in high school. In just a little bit of time, you will come to the realization that quality is way more important than quantity when it comes to friends and who you choose to associate yourself with. You will also soon see that it simply takes time to grow into the well-rounded woman that you will eventually become.

Stay focused. Working as a young actress comes with a lot of pressure (not to mention the inevitable bullying and judgement from your peers). Also remember to stay close to the people that lift up and support you. All will be good- I promise.

With advice like this, we think that Tia is going to be ok!


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