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Kevin Hart is on the promo trail for his film “The Wedding Ringer,” in theaters today, and the pint-sized comedian stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to chat about the flick, the time he spilled drinks on Jay Z and Beyonce and why he’s one of the dopest individuals in the world.

While we were listening, we couldn’t help but fall back in love with the “Let Me Explain” entertainer. (We had our gripes him after her made some questionable comments about Black women hating on his exotic girlfriend.)

In fact, we learned quite a few new things about Hart. Check them out below:

He’s a punctual gentleman

Despite his superstar status, Kevin Hart is a “punctual gentleman.” In other words, he showed up on time to his interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

No, He Will Not Tweet For Free

Kevin hart was one of the celebs who got caught up in the Sony leaks drama after an executive labeled him a “greedy whore” for negotiating his tweets in his pay rate. Way harsh, Ty. While it was super shady boots, Hart didn’t lose any sleep over it.

“It’s business, I could care less what they say,” he said before going into detail about being paid for his tweets.

“Live Nation and Ticketmaster are powerful because they have an e-mail base that is so large that I can get to all the people to tell them that all of these shows are happening. Movie studios, TV Studios, the one thing they don’t have is a direct connection to the people that watch them the most. It’s a guessing game.”

He added,  “When you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine…at the click of a button all these people follow you. You know who your fan base is. That’s yours. That’s power […] I don’t think people understand how powerful that information is. People want that. You can’t just access that. So to get that, treat me as a company.”

We heard that!

He’s Still Down To Earth

Whatever you do, don’t call him famous! “I want people to stop with the famous stuff. It’s a word,” he said. “The people who allow this to infiltrate the person, the team, what you do on the day-to-day, you’ve been eaten. You’ve be engulfed by the business. This can close man. I’m great today. Tomorrow Hollywood could go we’re done with him. It can all go away. Whoever you treat bad you can see again.”

He also revealed a situation that opened his eyes. “When you really get to going around this world and seeing how bad it is, you understand what you really have. I went somewhere, when we landed, we had to drive about 45 minutes to this resort[…] kids are barefoot, and they got not even clothes […] The kids are at the airport and their families are begging they have their hands out for the people who land — barefoot, not really clothed. It’s like bad out here. We don’t understand…we’re so bougie. Our noses are in the air so much.”

Jay Z Is Doper Than Him

Kevin Hart ranks himself as the second dopest individual in the world. Way to be confident Kev, but who is doper than him? Why Jay Z of course. And here’s why…

Jay Z visited him backstage during his two-night stand-up show at the Garden (the one he sold out). “Hov shakes my hand and is like ‘How does it feel?’ I’m like what do you mean? to play the garden? I sold out the garden twice. He said, ‘No,no,no,” to have me come.” Ha! “He’s like ‘that means you made it.'”

Touche Jay. Touche.

He Gave His Close Friend About $70,000

Kevin Hart has a lot of money. As he would say, a “disgusting” amount. So much cash that he gave his one friend (who just came home from jail) about $60,000-$70,000.

“Everyone gets to push that button at least once,” he explained. “I can’t say no because he’s been home for quite some time but I know what he’s going through. It’s ‘Yo, I’m trying. I’m trying to get this…’ It’s not the button of ‘Yo just take this money.’ He has a family, he has kids. This is a long button of here take case of this,  pay your rent for a long time, go get the kids this, get this for yourself.”


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