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Attempting to leave Cash Money Records isn’t the only headache Lil’ Wayne’s dealing with these days. It seems Weezy may be having a little melodrama in his personal life. Earlier today, Wayne’s rumored bae Christina Milian took a trip over to The Wendy Williams Show to promote her upcoming reality series, Christina Milian Turned Up. While kicking it couch side, Wendy asked the Start A Fire singer what’s the real tea behind her relationship with Wayne. Christina quipped:

He’s my man crush everything, how about that? Is that a good answer?

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Girl you know it sure wasn’t for Wendy! The self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” went straight for the jugular and asked ‘Tina if she was sleeping with Wayne, Christina responded:

We’re in the studio late at night. We’re at a skate about that?

Skateboarding ‘Tina? Ok girl. Wendy pipped up and stated Wayne was Christina’s “sometimes thing,” the former host of The Voice host jumped in to clear things up (sort of).

I mean, girl, don’t put that out there like that!I’m just saying we have great chemistry, and we have a great involvement in each other’s life. I did want to protect that as well. It’s sexy to have a sense of mystique. We want a second season!

Don’t tell me Christina’s stunting for reality show cameras! Meanwhile, Instagram users were left pondering if Wayne’s former love Karrine Steffans was shading his alleged new girlfriend. The former video vixen turned New York Times bestselling author posted a picture of a sign that says “Wayne” on IG and wrote in the caption:

And most importantly, little girl, be careful not to claim a man who belongs to the world. Now that this post has been taken completely out of context, let me inject some. Being with someone who is so free that he, in a way, becomes public property, is difficult. I have learned how to deal with these difficulties over the years and my friendship with Wayne was always the perfect compass. I thank him for that. I took this line out of a personal poem I wrote, hence the rhyme, and it has been a motto of mine since I wrote it. Nothing more. Nothing less. I removed comments that were disrespectful to anyone, anyone at all. Life is too good to be bitter, especially toward people you don’t know.

Christina appeared to get all up in her feelings and posted a cryptic remark saying:

My ladies Don’t lose sleep over the Noise of old sheep.. Get To Weeerk.. Feel me tho?  LOVE YA!  Tina T.U.

A sheep though, ‘Tina? Karrine got the last word (and maybe the last laugh?) when she did a lil’ update of her own on IG, causing some to speculate if she’s back with Wayne.

He says I never wear my ring and I never show it off. I say, I’m really not a blingy, show-off type. Humility and health is my thing! So, he says I should model it with some vitamins, then. Alright. So, I really like these vitamins from The Honest Company. Smh.

She’s got a boulder on her finger! Karrine then fired off one last remark to possibly silence the drama.

Here’s the thing about life. Not everything is about you. And if someone says or does something that has nothing to do with you but, somehow, you feel convicted by it, that says a lot more about you and your insecurities than it does about the other person. Not everything is shade. Some shit is just the truth. But not every palm tree or personal truth belongs to you. Other people have experiences, too, and their account of those experiences has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Confidence is key and not everyone has it. This is obvious. Also, here’s the thing about men. They do what they want, how they want, when they want, and with whom they want. Just like women. Because of this, be careful when pouring expectations into people. We all have a history but look at a person’s patterns. I have mine. You have yours. The next person has theirs and they all tend to repeat. Know the difference between being one option on a very long list of options and being the one and only. Be truthful with yourself about the state of your affairs and you’ll never be mad a day in your life. None of us belong to eachother and we all belong to God. Be well.

Christina Milian Turned Up debuts Jan. 18 at 10 PM EST on E!


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