What do the planets indicate about the love relationship of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama?

Barack Hussain Obama, is a Leo born on 8/4/1961. His wife Michelle, is a Capricorn, born on 1/17/1964.

When you first look at their charts and see their Sun signs, Leo and Capricorn, you instantly think, this partnership is headed for challenges and power struggles. Those who know anyone intimately born

under either of these signs know that they can be strong and willful, and both can hold their own in leadership positions. When you have two dominant personalities together, there tends to be friction, but taking a closer look at their charts is where the ‘magic’ of their union makes sense! Barack’s Moon is in the flexible sign of Gemini and Michelle’s Moon is in the charismatic sign of Aquarius.

Yes, her Moon is very independent, but those with a Moon in Aquarius have an intense desire to work with people in their communities and leave a lasting impression on the world. Barack’s Gemini Moon is intelligent, fast moving and young spirited, (now you can understand why his politica foes couldn’t corner him with their accusations or pull him down to their level when the campaign got nasty, he was moving too fast for them mentally and physically!)

When people are in a marriage, the placement of the Moon is very important because it represents the type of home they would create, the kind of family they would have and how they would interact with each other in privacy. With both their Moon in air signs, they like doing new, exciting and unconventional things, and they thrive on intellectual conversations, (no wonder the President loves his ‘blackberry,’ he has to keep in touch with his wife!) They feel very comfortable together behind closed doors and they’re able to fulfill the nurturing needs of the other. The way they communicate is indicative of how strong their personalities are, her Mercury,(the planet of communication) is in the determined sign of Capricorn, meaning that she is very down to earth, hardworking and practical, (she didn’t plant that vegetable garden at the White House for nothing!

I wonder did the First Lady plant some collard greens along with those tomatoes? If so, I’m coming to dinner!) )

And Barack’s Mercury is in Leo, meaning that he will be the leader and she will bring the support

to back him up! Venus represents the expression of love and the First Lady’s Venus is in the compassionate sign of Pisces, Barack’s Venus is in the nurturing and home loving sign of Cancer, (this explains why he

will always put his family first, Presidency or no Presidency!) Barack Obama loves his wife and he loves his children! And the passion between these two is obvious for the entire world to see. There are

other wonderful planetary connections between these two, but they only get better! So expect to see a lot of hugs and many more ‘date nights.’

This couple has a lot of love to share!

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