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Yesterday, Azealia Banks appeared on Hot 97 and discussed everything from her sexuality to her public beefs with Iggy Azalea and T.I. Before this interview, all we really knew about the 23-year-old Harlem rapper was her combative online persona. The interview took an interesting turn when Banks broke down about the state of Black culture.

“There are huge corporations who are still caking off that slave money and sh*t,” she said. “So until y’all m*thafu*kas are ready to talk about what y’all owe weather it’s $7 trillion, $8 trillion or $9 trillion, at the very f *ckin least, y’all owe me the right my f*cking identity and to not exploit that shit. That’s all we’re holding onto, like hip-hop and rap. And Bill Cosby, and whatever the f**k it is. Ya’ll putting that on TV for the youth to fu**in’ see.”

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Azealia Banks said she hurt she was when T.I attacked her over Iggy. But she clearly had no intention of squashing any beef. “You out here trying to promote this white bitch. They got your wife on VH1 and that bitch can’t fu*kin’ read. You’re a fu*kin’ shoe shinin’ coon. How dare you.”

Staying true to form, Azealia Banks jumped on Twitter to further explain why her emotions got the best of her.

Not to be outdone, Iggy Azalea hopped on twitter to plead her case and even had the audacity to call Azealia Banks a bigot, which she later deleted.

This interview made us see Banks in a different light. Her conversation with Ebro highlighted her intelligence and passion for music and Black people. She knows who she is. She just wants to be a free black girl and who can be mad at that?

Azealia is spot-on with her assessment of hip hop culture in 2014. For the last few years, we’ve seen this watering down of the art form until it culminated in the Macklemore sweep of 2014. From the inception of music, Black music has been stolen, repackaged & then re-sold to the masses while the originators of the culture have been ignored. It’s been some b.s and I’m glad that an awesome Black girl is speaking out about it.

However, Azalea does need an intervention when it comes to the Bill Cosby issue because girl bye.


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