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Nicki Minaj is fresh off her second appearance on  “Saturday Night Live” (remember a few years ago when she starred in that really hilarious skit, The Creep?”) and somehow, she’s managed to charm us into falling in love with her even more than we were already. From her emotional performance of “Bed Of Lies” to her bootylicious outfits and effortless humor, we must say, Nicki is a natural at acting, just as much as she is at rapping. (Which makes total sense, she went to a performing arts high school where she studied theater.)

While there were obvious times the “Pinkprint” rapper was reading from a teleprompter, she did a pretty good job, and looked flawless doing it. Speaking of “Flawless” (what a perfect segue way) Nicki channeled her inner Beyonce in a skit that showed off her impressive pipes and massive boobs — that stole our attention most of the show. Seriously, her cleavage was perfect — we’re talking fully symmetrical kind of perfect. *Stares at self in the mirror*

Take that Drake.

Hit the play button, below, to watch Nicki hit her best Beyonce note:

Nicki takes on Kim Kardashian:

Nicki performs “Bed of Lies”:

Nicki performs “Only/All Things Go”


Nicki Minaj To Perform On SNL