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Jill Scott went to bat for Bill Cosby today, and Black Twitter came back for her in a big way.

The rest of society may have already made up their mind about Bills guilt or innocence when it comes to his recently resurfaced rape allegations, but it seems that the “Let’s Take A Walk” singer has decided to reserve judgment. In the meantime she’s continuing to back Bill.

That’s something of a problem for nearly 1 million people who follow her on Twitter–some of whom took her to task for backing a repeatedly suspected rapist. A lot of people simply couldn’t believe that Jill of all people would be caping for Bill because so much of her vibe is about feminine power and advocacy.

TL; DR: People expected better of Jill, and they weren’t afraid to let her know that! However, she was standing by her convictions even in the face of direct criticism.

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This shouldn’t suggest that Jill is not sensitive to women that have suffered sexual assault. While she was on the topic of rape, Jill had some very urgent advice for victims. Although, she’s not exactly th

One woman on Twitter pointed out that the logic Jill is using to defend Bill is not only highly suspect, but that it also sounds a lot like the rhetoric spouted by Darren Wilson’s supporters.

Another man didn’t negate Jill’s point that Bill has done a lot for the Black community, but he also isn’t using that as an excuse not to hold the comedian accountable for his alleged actions.

I agree with Jill Scott on the fact that Bill Cosby has had a “MagnificentLegacy” in his role as a public figure… He’s also a rapist….

— L. Brothers Media (@LBrothersMedia) December 1, 2014

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And that wasn’t even the worst of it! Other users on Twitter were not holding back on the shade for Miss Jill. Check out how they chewed her up when you scroll down.

I hope Jill Scott realizes black Twitter is gonnaremember her capingfor Bill Cosby the next time she tries to drop another album

— Ari (ZaynabShahar) (@atypewritersing) December 1, 2014

Jill Scott believes if she knows a man they cant be a rapist & thatsall I need to know about her thoughts on life.

— Berry Cute (@SimplyBerry) December 1, 2014

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Filing Jill Scott away with Robin Thickeunder artists I just can’t fuh’wit no more. Look at your life; look at your choices.

— ybnTrey(@tdouble_u) December 1, 2014

Why bae(Jill Scott) gottatalk? 😩😩 just stand there, look cute, and sing a liltune bout scrambled eggs or sum

— Fapulous(@4ever_yourJEWEL) December 1, 2014

Jill Scott can defend Bill Cosby all she wants…I bet she won’t leave her drink unguarded around him tho. Bet that.

— Rusty Redenbacher (@rustymk2) December 1, 2014

Jill Scott…not a great look to go to bat for Bill Cosby only to have him resign from Temple’s board the same day.

— Marc W. Polite (@marcpolite) December 1, 2014


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