Shad Moss Sends Goons After Tony Rock?

Make all the jokes you want about Shad “Bow Wow” Moss‘s regressive career, but DO NOT talk about his fiance Erica Mena… he will send his goons after you. We know what you’re thinking…Shad has goons? Keep reading…

In case you missed it, comedian Tony Rock tweeted, “I ain’t even hatin on Bow Wow, Every n*gga falls in love with a full blown whore once in his life.”

Not only did he insult Bow’s main chick, he refused to acknowledge him by his grown up name. Shad wasn’t having it. He replied, “Ill have a talk w/ you when I see you. Face to face cuz.”

Later that day, Tony did a stand-up show where he addressed the situation, saying:

“[I said] Everyone falls in love with a whore at least once in their life. 50 muhf-ckers are like, “Yo! That’s crazy funny! Mad funny, mad funny! F-ckin Bow Wow responded, okay? And he was like, “we’ll talk when I see you face to face cuz” which made all my n-ggas fall on the floor laughing. But then everybody kept retweeting it and kept retweeting it.

…if he wants to turn it into something else, we can do that. But I’m not fighting Bow Wow, okay? I will fight one of his dudes, but I’m not fighting Bow Wow..AT ALL! In any regard of me and this n-gga like this **does fighting stance.*** That’s not going to happen. But I will say this, he proposed to her, she accepted the proposal. She’s going to be his wife. This is a man marrying a woman. I should’ve respected that, so I’ll say, “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that,” but I’m not taking it back. I said it. It’s out there.”

Well Shad didn’t wait to see Tony, he tweeted an update in the situation and it appears that he gave his goons the green light to “press go.” Whatever that means…

“The homies just dropped the dime on Tony Rock. I just got the call. I toldem press go. Don’t f*** w/ a mans family homie.”

Have a seat Bow Wow/ Shad…whatever you’re calling yourself these days.

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